Monday, November 29, 2010

A Bunch of Turkeys!

Hazel and Ty. Ty sure loves to give Hazey kisses and hugs!

Hazel and Brea.

Uncle Zach playing a fun game of "who can hold the cold can on his belly the longest." The boys loved it! The three of them, Cade, Gus and Ty, ran around with their shirts off, chasing each other. Gus was still talking about this earlier tonight after his bath. He had so much fun. Even though Cade and Ty are 4 years old, Gus tries very hard to act just like his older cousins. He forgets sometimes that he is only 2...

Cade and Hazel. He was trying to get her to crawl to him. Although she is much more mobile than she was a few weeks ago, she is not yet crawling. Tonight she started rocking back and forth on all fours a little, so soon I'll bet she tries to crawl.

Ty and Hazel.

Avery, Hazel and Shae.

Rian bonding with Hazel during her bedtime bottle.

Gus bonding with Lola. He wasn't sure how to play with her, and when Lola started licking his face, Gus opened his mouth and let Lola kiss him! It was disgusting. Aunt Jenni had to pull Lola away!

And of course, we had to break Hazel in with some OP pizza. She enjoyed it. She is eating all kinds of table foods now.

Gus liked the big cups!


ToTalkToReba said...

Great pics from the holiday break! I hope the rest of your semester goes well. How much time do you have off for Xmas?

The Dillavou Family said...

I have a few weeks off. I go back to UMKC the second week of January, but good news is I am done after the first week of May there then. The other two schools don't start until the third week of January or so. How about you? How much do you get off? How the heck are you by the way?