Friday, February 10, 2012

More Recent Fun

Hazel and Gus being silly.

 Wally being his usual wonderful self.

 Gus really wanted me to take this picture... He goes to the eye doctor later today so I'll post an update on his eyes soon.

Only the cutest big sister in the whole world!

Helping mommy take care of Wally.

Daddy gave Wally a sponge bath. Good job daddy- even though Wally wasn't a big fan!

Afterward Wally was a little freaked out- "What did you guys just do to me!"

Movie night!

Although I didn't get any pictures, Gma and Papa D were here last weekend to meet Wally. They took Hazel and Gus back to Iowa this week so that I could adjust to going back to work and we could bond with Wally alone for a few days. They are coming back today, and Trish, Steve and the girls are visiting too, so we are very excited for the weekend. I sure did miss those two this week!

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