Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Well, the two older kids have two days of preschool behind them...

We'll start with Gus. He is adapting amazingly! He is learning so much, interested in going, and so far his teacher both days have told me that he is such a good leader and helper. All evening, the last two, he has just gone on and on and on about his experiences, from crafts that has made, to what was served at lunch, to the proper way to wash his hands.

Hazel isn't doing quite so well, but this was expected. She really only remembers being home with me. When we took her out of Miss Sandie's in home daycare last December, she was only 18 months. So the last 8-9 months, time where she really has changed significantly, has been with me. She has cried a lot and has refused to eat breakfast or lunch both days. Her teacher did tell me that today was better than yesterday, as I left family pictures there this morning and she was appeased by looking at them and carrying them around. It breaks my heart though- she keeps saying, "No leave me mommy. No leave me." when we talk about preschool.

So, I will keep you all updated. I am sure Gus will continue to prosper and that Hazel will become more comfortable. How long that takes though? Only time will tell.

The nanny starts tomorrow with Wally. We are sharing a nanny with a friend of mine, Wally and then her three kids. Monday through Thursday and my friends' house and then Fridays at mine. I am anxious to see how that goes.

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