Sunday, March 2, 2014

Snuggles, Swords & Certificates

Last week at the grocery store these two were so snugly. I looked down from digging out some coupons and they were locked in a hug.

So cute!

Hazel- I mean Jake- looking for the hidden treasure.

Walter wanted in on some of the action.

Pizza party in the basement. Daddy had to work late so we had fun without him.

Gus earned the Conklin Kid of Character last week. A few kids a month a chosen from every class. We were very proud of him. He is doing so well in school. Gus is amazing at math and is on the cusp of reading. In fact, he can read a little, but doesn't realize it. He is going beyond his 55 sight words and is now sounding out others. It is so exciting doing homework with him.

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