Monday, April 28, 2014

Garmin Half Marathon April 26, 2014

I did it!
I finished my second half marathon this past weekend. I am really proud of myself as I shaved about 3 minutes off my time from my first one. I ran it in 1:55:49.
Amy ran it too, and she had an incredible finish once again. She finished 8/242 women in our age group, and I finished 51/242 (top 21%). Not bad for a gal that just picked up running last year!
My official results were better than I thought they would be. I placed 527 out of 2199 half marathon runners which was in the top 25%, pretty excited about that! Of all the women in the race I placed 171 out of 1317 women, which was in the top 12% of all female runners!
My 6.2 mile split was 7:51, and my overall pace average in the 13.1 mile race 8:51. I am so happy about my time.
We started the race in 57 degree, partly sunny/cloudy weather, which continued for me until about an hour or so in when the light rain started. About the time I hit mile 10, the rain was pouring down, and by the time I hit mile 12, hail, yes HAIL and sharp cold rain, pelted me for about 5 minutes. Of course the minute I crossed the finish line the rain stopped. Still, better than the 14 degree half I ran in November (no sweat or snot 'cicles' this time!)
No runners high this time, more consistent pace per mile, and I felt much better immediately after the race (last time I couldn't even talk or move my face and I could barely walk for a couple of minutes after). I was a little sore the day after, but not nearly as bad as after my first one. And today, two days later, I am almost completely pain free (stairs still hurt a bit). Overall, I am definitely getting better at this whole running thing. :)
In fact, I am seriously thinking about running a full marathon this fall. I need to register soon before I lose the nerve! I am thinking about either the KC Marathon, or the DM Marathon, both in mid October. Iowa folks, if I run in Des Moines, will you come cheer me on?! I will need all the support I could possibly muster!

Before the race.

Afterward, with our well-deserved finishers medals.
Once the Garmin race website gets official pictures up, I will come back and post action shots of me during the race.


Anonymous said...

I will be in KC or DM for your marathon I wouldn't miss it :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry the Anonymous is Kate :)