Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fun for Gus

Gus's first sleep over was a success. He earned 32 Panther Paws last semester so he saved them all up and earned his very first sleep over during holiday break.

Poor Josh managed to maintain democracy during a game of Trouble and a game of Sorry. Six and 7 year old boys can get very competitive, and emotional!

The boys were so cute. The hardest part was keeping poor, jealous Hazel away from them. She didn't really understand that this was for Gus, and he had clearly posted a sign on the basement door that she was not allowed downstairs during the event. He cracked a little and did let Walter and Hazel eat pizza with him and his friends though.

School started back up for Gus and I this week. This was our traditional back-to-school breakfast date on Tuedsay morning.

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