Thursday, February 5, 2015

3 Yr Check- Walter

My baby boy had is 3 year well child check today. He has had a relentless cold this last month, coupled with rashes, coughs, runny noses, low grade fevers... Today when he went in his eyes were goupy and he has double pink eye.

He didn't need any shots today. His weight was 31 pounds, or the 50%. His height (35 1/4 inches) was surprising; it hasn't changed much, less than an inch from a year ago. The average child grows 2-3 inches between the ages of two and three years old. His lack of growth is not overly concerning yet, but something we have to start to monitor. Wally dropped from the 50 percentile for height last year to just the 3 percentile this year. He goes back in three months so we can start charting his growth patterns and eventually then we can determine if any genetic testing is necessary. He is just a very short little dude, definitely the shortest in his class at school, but very stocky. He still comfortably wears size 24 month to 2T clothes. Maybe he just gets his height from his mama, but the fact that his height and weight percentiles are so drastically different now do cause a little tiny bit of worry; those are supposed to follow a curve as he grows. He is very healthy otherwise and seems to be hitting all other milestones.

Wally loves pizza, hotdogs, scrambled eggs, apple juice, milk, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Pop Tarts. He enjoys playing with Hazel and Gus whenever they will let him, and he likes the iPad a lot. He loves Despicable Me minions and the monsters from Monsters, Inc. He is absolutely enamored with firetrucks, trains, police cars and ambulances. Wally talks all the time. He can count to ten and knows a few of his letters. 

Wally has an adorable personality. He loves to snuggle and give you hugs (although he wipes off your kisses if you sneak any on his chubby cheeks!) but he likes to be left to his own as well. He is independent. He is silly, witty, funny and very loving. He tries to be naughty but usually can't go through with the act without laughing. 

Walter has not crossed over into looking like a "kid" yet; he still looks like a toddler and actually is called "baby" often (although he usually corrects the observant child and mater-of-factly says, I not baby, I Wally."

I'll keep you updated on his growth progress as we know more over the next few months.

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