Friday, July 22, 2011

Recent Fun!

Grandma and Papa came back to KC to help us the last few days as we figured some things with the move into a new house.

Kennedy and Parker.

It was hard to get good pics of the bumper cars because it was dark and fast, but here is Brandon and Parker.

Papa and Kennedy.

Josh and Gus.

Hazel somehow got Gus' ice cream cone when no one was looking and made quite the mess of herself.

Gus was pretty tired from a long weekend and didn't always cooperate.

Randy, Sue, Gus and Josh almost at the top before the surprisingly scary ride down.

Miss Hazel was H. O. T. hot. Her and I had to sit out most of the rides. She was too little and well, me in my 'fragile' condition, we felt it best to opt out.

Adventure Bay's scariest slide. Of course Brandon slid down it. I tried to get a picture of him on the slide, but failed. He was just too fast.

Happy 30th Birthday Brandon! We went out to eat for his birthday in Des Moines on Saturday night.

It was so cute to see Parker share his ice cream with Hazel! He fed her all by himself.

Messy face.

Feeding the ducks tortilla chips (it's all we had!) at Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines.

When we were back in Iowa last weekend for a family reunion we stopped by my grandparents house in Grand Junction, IA. My aunt Gina from Texas took this pic and the next two. It was nice to see her. Gus, Kennedy, Parker and Hazel all enjoyed the visit as well.

The McCollom Klan. Lindsey, Nick and myself.

Silly little stinkers!

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