Monday, November 7, 2011

November? Already?

 A beautiful snow princess.

 To Infinity.... and Beyond!

 We took the kids to see Mr. Stinky Feet at the YMCA Halloween party. Brave little Gus took his turn in the band.

 The Varner kids were a little shy so uncle Josh sat down with them and helped them get so acclimated to Mr. Stinky Feet's band that....

 Even Kennedy and Parker joined in the band for a song!

 Me a few weeks ago, at about 25-26 weeks.

 Messy Hazel enjoying some spaghetti supper.

 We finally got Gus' soccer pictures back.

 Josh and the kids at actual Trick or Treating on October 31, 2011.

 Gus (number 5) at bitty basketball which started last week.

 Gus dribbling- he is so cute!

Gus has been obsessed with play dough lately. This weekend he said, "Mommy look! I made Gus Henry Dillavou!". And I can kind of see the resemblance...

This past Friday we took Gus on a day date. He has had a rough time adjusting to all of the new things; new house, new baby, no more daycare in a month, Hazel getting more and more attention... So we took 'just Gus' out for a special afternoon. IHOP, his pick- he calls it The Pancake Place- and Puss N Boots. We had a lot of fun. Josh worked a lot this weekend, but I got to see the Varner clan for a taco night (I even snuck away as Lindsey's date to her work Christmas party one evening) but Sunday we all relaxed as a family.

Well, lots coming up that I will be sure to update you on! The McCollom grandparents are coming to town this weekend and we are very excited to see them, although daddy will be going to the Iowa game so we will miss him lots!

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totalktoreba said...

I love your posts. I read them all of the time, even if I don't respond. I totally get Gus having a hard time adjusting. Oli is getting jealous (again) of Owen, since Owen is active and awake now!!