Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fun Fun!

 Fun crafts last week!

 Sunny and 67 degrees last week! At the park and loving it (he really was having a nice time; he just does this when I ask him to smile)...

 When I went to upload pictures, I see that Gus must have gotten ahold of my camera. He took about 10 pictures of various things, but this was one that I thought was funny.

 Going on a jog.

This week UMKC started up classes, and I had a few faculty meetings on my other campuses, but they don't officially begin classes until Tuesday of next week. I have been very busy though trying to get ready for this semester; my plan is to have as much set up and done before it begins so that I have less to do later on this semester when I MAY be overwhelmed, haha... Josh started back up on his Saturday work schedule this past weekend, so 11 hours of him working on Saturday wasn't fun, but we made it through it. I went to the doctor yesterday. Still just 1 cm dilated, very soft cervix, but my blood pressure was a tad high and I was spilling a little bit of protein. I need more rest and to drink more fluids- so hopefully doing that will help eliminate those problems. I started an antibiotic, gotta love z-pack, for a sore throat and cough I have had. Tomorrow I am full term, and then just 2 weeks exactly til my induction. Gus goes to the dentist for the first time this afternoon, so I will let you know how that goes. Love and miss you all!

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totalktoreba said...

Oh so thinking of you Traci!!! I will say lots of prayers for you and can't wait to hear about him/her! I wish you ALL THE BEST!