Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gus the Tool Man

Gus came in the other morning when I was working on the computer and asked me if I needed anything fixed. He looks so much like my little brother in this picture (when my brother was a little boy) that it is scary.

 Hazel came in shortly after, wearing Gus's glasses of course.

 Finger painting! Luckily Hazel wasn't into it as much as Gus was.

 Messy boy!

 As you can see, without his glasses, his eyes do still cross a little. He goes back to the eye doctor in about 3 weeks for his 6 month check up, so we will hopefully have an update on that early next month.

 We've been making lots of crafts lately too- especially necklaces.

This weather has been unreal. It hit 67 degrees again few days ago- 69 and a KC record would have been set. It is supposed to be in the 50-60s again this weekend.

I am good. I went to the doctor again yesterday and my blood pressure and protein were both normal. I am dilated to almost a 3 though, so hopefully baby waits til next week. I still have a lot of back, tailbone and pelvic pain, but having the baby is really the only thing that will relieve those complaints. I have had the opportunity to meet all my students now this week, so if I go into labor, at least that is done. Subs for my classes are secured for the week I'll be missing. My induction is scheduled for a week from tomorrow- and we are getting nervous! Excited- but nervous! I'll keep you all updated... 

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