Friday, July 27, 2012

Much Needed Update!

 Well Walter is 6 months old! He weighed in at almost 21 pounds! He is a big little dude. He has started eating more solids beyond cereal and oatmeal, such as bananas, carrots, puffs, squash, berry baby food... A great eater. He coos and makes all kind of fun noises. He rolls everywhere, and sits on his own most of the time, with only tipping to the side if he is trying to read something far out of his reach. But, rolling, is really what he loves to do- he rolls from one side of the room to the other. This is all new to me, because the other two really didn't roll much. They basically went from lying there to crawling. Oh and Wally is getting a tooth! One of his top front teeth are just barely starting to poke through.

I will post pictures of the new house soon, but here is Hazels bed in her room. I have put a lot of time and creativity into making her room really special. And she loves it!

Gus helped Josh and I clean up the old rental a few weekends ago.

 Josh went to the Home Run Derby at the K when the All Star game came to KC.

 Hazel and Gus loved playing in the cupboards before I filled them up with our belongings.

A picture of the fam in the new house the first night we went over there.

Fourth of July in Clear Lake. Josilin and Wally.

Hazel took this picture when I thought she was playing a game on my phone. What beautiful blues!

My cousin Ben. His first trip to the CL carnival.

Kennedy and Savannah Pederson, my cousin also from Seattle.

Out on mom and dad's pontoon.

Well, we are finally in the house! We have been busy moving, painting, cleaning, cutting down brush, doing all sorts of things to make our new house our home. Soon I will post pictures...

Summer classes ended yesterday, so I have a few weeks off to finish up everything around the house. Although 2 weeks sounds like a long time, these breaks always go faster than I want them too. Especially when I am home with the kiddos all day.

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