Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Still Alive

so, yes. i am still alive. just incredibly busy. 4th of july came and went. we moved out of the old house this past weekend, cleaned it, and moved into the new house. we have had family in town helping for over a week, and i am still cleaning, painting, and unpacking the new house. i will get to blogging again soon, so please don't forget us! with my 3 summer classes all wrapping up soon, on top of everthing else, i am barely treading above water. soon i will have a little more free time, although honestly, i was thinking about it last night, and i have not sat down and watched a complete television show for over 2 weeks. just ask my mom- i haven't even played Words With Friends lately!!!!! be back soon ;) and i have the last two Hunger Games sitting on my nightstand- and have not cracked them open. that is totally not like me, i love reading. so tiiiirrrreeedddd...

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