Friday, September 21, 2012

A tooth!

Well, last night, while I was talking to Gma Sue on the phone, I noticed that Wally has broken a tooth through his gums! It is on the bottom front, and it is sharp, visible, and hopefully not as painful for the little guy as it has been seeming lately, now that it has finally emerged. He is my earliest teether- Gus was about 12 months, and Hazel was about 9 months. Wally is about a week short of 8 months, so technically 7 months I suppose. He is crawling all over the place (fast too!), pulling himself up (not quite cruising), eating all kinds of foods, shaking his head 'no' when he doesn't like or want something, I swear sometimes when he is really upset and wants me he cries "maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"- where did my little baby go???? I'm not ready for him to be a toddler.

It's funny that on the exact day Walter's first tooth appeared, I had my first (and hopefully last!) root canal. My old teeth are declining and rotting away, while his new teeth are developing and growing. Such is the cycle of life I guess.

Gus likes his new glasses, I'll have to get some pics up here soon. And Hazel is on my next to do list: Potty Training. Two in diapers is not only expensive, but tiresome. So, I am thinking that over the next month, we are gonna get that girl in big girl panties!!!!!

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