Monday, November 25, 2013

Recent Fun

The kids seemed to enjoy the box from our new Christmas tree just about as much as they enjoyed the tree itself- maybe even more!

"Cheeeeese" says Wally!

Josh sent me flowers a few days ago to support my half marathon. He and the kids had planned on cheering me on at the race, but the 14 degree start time and Walter having the flu the night before changed our plans a little.

Me and my lady bug.

Gus invited his classmate and neighbor Cooper to go to a movie a few weeks ago. 

Karate Girl.

Another "Cheeeeeeese" from Walter.

Hunter Man Parker stayed the night a few weeks ago.

Indian (he doesn't quite get the whole "that's not PC " thing yet) Gus.

After a recent trip to the grocery store the younger two kids insisted on riding this horsey. It was adorable.

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