Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bologna & String Cheese Necklace

Rather than eating his bologna and string cheese, Walter decided they would be much better ingredients for jewelry making.

My little ladybug dressed as Spidey.

Hazel has been obsessed with wearing her brothers' clothes lately. Here she chose Walter's swim gear. Not sure what is going on with the toy construction goggles though...

The iPad has been a helpful addition to our playtime activities, but it is hard balancing other hands on activities and equal time slots for each child to have access to the iPad. Even Wally likes to take his turn!

Thank you grandma Paulette for the Valentine's Day package! We loved our tattoos, activities, gift cards and candy!

Hazel's masterpiece entitled Peter Pan. How fitting.

Gus's basketball season wrapped up this past weekend. Josh had fun coaching. Hazel is still doing gymnastics, those two started a month of swimming lessons last night, and both will particpate in baseball this spring as well. And the Busy begins.

Kennedy and Parker played with us on Monday for President's Day vaca and who knew Kenny could braid? Hazel has insisted her hair be worn like this every day since.

Swimming lessons last night.

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