Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Haircuts, Portraits & Pirates

Walter had his first official hair cut last week. He was getting his two year portraits taken so it seemed fitting (although I am still not convinced he needed a cut yet- the kid has no hair!).


Hazel started up gymnastics again a few weeks ago.

At Walter's portrait session I had two no-so-helpful-but-very-eager siblings tag along. A trying hour but we made it through it.

A few Fridays ago Hazel and I attended the traveling Disney Pirate/Princess show. She LOVED it so much! I saw hundreds of little girls dressed like Princess Sofia, but only one little girl dressed like Jake. I sure love my Hazel.

Us at the show.

She was in a trance the whole time. If I tried to talk to her or engage her with questions she would yell at me tell me to be quiet. She took the show very seriously, but ya know, it isn't every day that you get to see the real Jake and Capt. Hook!

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