Monday, December 14, 2009

First Swimming Lesson!

Gus had his first swimming lesson on Saturday morning! He wasn't quite sure about it, but did become a little more comfortable in the water toward the end of the lesson. He especially liked the little songs and related water activities. I did end up getting in the water, which worked out nice because Gus was very clingy and both mommy and daddy were needed to keep him calm at times.

Not ready to blow bubbles and definitely not ready to put his head under!

Drying off.

Afterward, hanging out in daddy's office at the YMCA, waiting for him to finish up a few things before we left to go back home.


Lane & Rachel Smith said...


Amanda and Scott said...

ooh..we loved swimming lessons! Gus will be putting his head under and blowing bubbles by the end of the session! We both had to get in every class too because it is just so much easier.