Monday, December 7, 2009

Let it snow!

This weekend we got out the Christmas decorations. Gus loved it!

Especially the beads (which are more of a toy right now rather than a tree ornament)...

Bling bling.

When we went back to Iowa for Thanksgiving, Gus got a new toy kitchen and rocking horse- both of which are his new favorite toys! Thanks grandma Sue for the early Christmas present, and thanks grandma Paulette for the rocking horse (hope the daycare kids don't miss it too much!).

On Saturday morning, Gus was supposed to have swimming lessons, but the YMCA called and cancelled due to high chlorine levels. Since we were already up and around, we took Gus to McDonald's for breakfast and a little play land. He had a bit of bed head...

He went down the huge, twirly slide all alone! Such a big boy.

He has some crazy hair lately. We gave him another haircut over the weekend, so the sides and back look much better, but the hair on the top of his head grows straight up! I have no idea what to do with it other than trim it and let it go. It is pretty cute though :)
The next few days it is supposed to snow here (I know you all in Iowa are going to get hit pretty hard too). Everybody be safe and keep warm! It could be several inches.

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