Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Opening presents at our house Monday night before we went to Iowa. These were the first ones he opened this year.

Opening presents on Christmas Eve at Grandpa and Grandma McCollom's house.

Streaking! For some reason Gus decided to pull his pants down mid-present opening. Actually, he is really interested in potty training. We haven't started him yet, but he pulls his pants down and pulls on his diaper and runs to the toilet when he is wet; he then points to the potty until you sit him on it. He doesn't realize that he has to actually go pee yet, he is just interested in the whole process. We will probably wait until he is two to really try to train him.

Mr. Cheesy Smile

Playing with the train set Santa brought him on Christmas morning.

Kennedy and the Barbie laptop Santa brought her.

Again, a really cheesy smile. He does this when you say, "Say cheese!" before you take a picture.

Parker was sick over the holidays but did manage to give me a smile.

Gus and Parker in their matching PJs.

Gus in his ATV from Grandpa and Grandma Dillavou.

Gus opening presents Saturday at the Dillavou Christmas.



Cousin Cade, cousin Josilin and Aunt Tricia playing with Gus.

Cade, Ty and Gus. It was cute to see the three boys interact together.

On the way back to Iowa on Monday we stopped in Des Moines at the Ringus home. Gus and Phoebe played for awhile.

In the car, drinking mommy's lemonade.

Gus with all his presents this year! Thank you everyone, you were all very very generous and made this a memorable Christmas for Gus. We appreciate you.

His tent from Gma and Gpa D.

Buster and Gus playing the the tunnel of the tent.

Another cheesy smile.

The car ride back to Iowa on Monday was scary. The roads between Clear Lake and Des Moines were horrible. It took us almost three hours to get to Des Moines. When we got back to KC, there was a foot of snow on the ground! I guess they haven't had this much since 1918. Daddy made a snowman for Gus tonight when he shoveled the driveway and sidewalk.


Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Looks like you had a good Christmas!!! I think you guys might need to buy another house just to store all the toys!!! hahaha Our living room has been taken over - and we still have Schuknecht Christmas tomorrow. YIKES!! Hope to see you soon :)

Cayen said...

I LOVE that 2nd picture of Gus opening the book! SOOO cute!! And him with his pants down! hahaha I;m not looking forward to the day when Pax learns how to take his clothes off!! And where did you get those super cute green pjs with the kids names on the butt?!?!? THOSE ARE ADORABLE! Looks like everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!