Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cold Fun!

Mommy had to work one evening last week and when she got home, daddy, Gus and Hazel had built a cool tent in the basement. The toy house was the front door, and the only way Gus would let you enter.

Shhhh... Getting into Gus's toys...

Playing the drums.

Shhhh.... Getting into more of Gus's toys...

Fighting over Gus's toys.

Our huge storm this week! Some places in KC got 10 inches. We got 7-8 at our house. My usual 30 minute drive home from work took me 2 hours and fifteen minutes. It was horrible, but Gus loved it- he finally got to use his shovel in Kansas City!

Hazel and I stayed inside and kept warm while the boys shoveled in the cold.

Sledding in the backyard.

Sledding down the driveway.

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ToTalkToReba said...

Great pictures! Did you get some time off of school for the storm? I read it took you 2 hours to get home one night. I hope you didn't have the kids with you!! Take care, Nicole