Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recent Fun

Build it Gus! Higher, higher, higher!!!

And, TIMBER... they all fall down.

This week the PJs from grandma Sue are right on track. Gus has definitely been a little monster for mommy. And daddy. And to Hazel. And at daycare. It's taking him a little while to get back on track after such a fun Christmas break. This picture was taken the day that we spent THE ENTIRE DAY looking for his glasses. Finally at 10 pm I found them under the oven, a result of an angry morning tantrum when toys (and apparently glasses) were thrown at my back as I made breakfast in the kitchen.

Yes those are marker drawings on the bathtub wall behind Gus...

"Wasn't me mommy... I'm just sitting here, minding my own business, chewing on this red bath toy."

For once, he had permission to color on the walls. Here is Gus playing with the bath markers Santa gave him. Santa Santa Santa. What were you thinking?

This gun was part of Gus's Halloween costume, but in October, he wasn't coordinated or strong enough to pull the trigger. So it was cute. Well, he figured it out this week, and mommy and daddy (and Hazel) have had to take (figurative) cover from this little cowboy's (figurative) bullets. I am definitely wishing we would have (literally) forgotten the gun when we put the costume together.

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