Friday, December 31, 2010

Back to KC

Back on our eating and sleeping routine in KC. I have really enjoyed being home with the kids this week (other than when I had the flu of course!).

We still have some progress to make with Gus's eyes. It makes me so sad when I take a picture of him and it turns out like this one, as in most he looks perfectly normal. It just reminds me that this eye issue is going to be a long road, and not to take anything for granted. He goes back to the opthamologist in a week and a half. As long as he wears his glasses his eyes appear straight. When he doesn't have them on, in combination with being sleepy, this is more what his eyes occasionally look like. Not all the time, but sometimes. I know it is not a huge issue in the big picture of life, but I still wish he did not have to deal with this.

Playing together.

Bitty Baby has been quite a hit. He loves using the Bitty Baby doctor kit on it.

Hazel likes her new walker (and so does Gus!).

On our way back to KC the Iowa trees were gorgeous. This is Josh's parents neighborhood.

Kinda sad that there was no snow in KC when we got back.
What a year 2010 has been. Hazel joined the family, Buster left the family, Gus's eye issue was discovered, and we had a little scare with Josh's job these last several months (although a few days ago he was offered another similar position at the Y, so we feel very blessed). We have high hopes for 2011, including moving into a single family home, so we will see if that goal is accomplished. I have picked up more classes than ever this next semester, so hopefully that helps us put a little extra in savings and we can get that new house. Hope you all had a nice holiday, and have a safe New Years Eve. Talk to ya next year!

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