Friday, December 10, 2010

Amazing Christmas Card Deal!

So, a friend on Facebook posted this deal in her status a few days ago, and is it awesome. The online coupon code expires on December 12, but you can get 60 cards for 4.90 plus tax with NO shipping charges. I think my total was $5.30 or something. Dirt Cheap. You create a very brief user account, you select a 4 x 8 card size, make your card, select 60 as your quantity, and then at checkout enter the code 50cards, and that's it. Easy. And Josh thought the card was awesome (especially for the price).

Here is a better look at my card (the one in our blog header is blurry cause I stole it from the website):

My password is 'dillavou'

I just had to pass along this deal. If you have been procrastinating like me, this is the deal for you.

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