Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

Not a great picture, but you can get a sense of the chaos that is our life. Gus running around in his underwear, Hazel screaming inconsolably, the house an awful mess, fun fun...

But eventually Gus did get the hang of hanging ornaments.

And eventually Hazel was content with playing with her little lotion bottle.

What a beautiful tree (well except for the bottom heavy branch where Gus insisted ornament after ornament should be placed)... This may be the last year for the pencil tree, but it does fit nicely in our very tiny living room.
Tis the season everyone! It's December!

1 comment:

ToTalkToReba said...

Oh!! Your tree looks great and yes, we have one area on our tree where MOST of the ornaments are. You guessed it.. at the bottom at OLiver's level! :)