Monday, December 13, 2010

All Kitties Go To Heaven

Chewing on Mommy's shoes.

His first day home with us, April 5, 2005.

RIP Feb. 10 2005 to Dec. 13 2010

Goodbye Buster. It has been fun little Busteroo. Kansas City would have never been the same had you not been there for daddy and I. Buster moved with us to three different homes over the last 6 years. We loved him very much, and he loved us (although he was not that fond of anyone besides us!). We remember well the first time we saw Buster, a cute tiny furry ball of fire. Buster was so adorable when we picked him out at the shelter in the spring of 2005. He stood out among the other kittens in the kennel, almost as if he was crying, "Pick me, pick me!" So how could we resist? We brought him home and named him Buster Godzilla Dillavou. As he got older and older (and bigger and bigger!), it became clear that he was not a lap cat by nature, but loved to be in close proximity of us (so as not to miss anything I suppose!). Buster and Josh developed a special bond right away. He was our first child and although his rank changed as we added real children to our family, Buster was always important to us. Buster even has a babybook, complete with immunization records, that chronicles his first three years of life. This is why the last few weeks have been so hard. As I blogged about a week or so ago, Buster had stopped using his liter box for some time. I feel so guilty about the anger I had started to feel toward him, especially now knowing that he had a medical condition. Then we noticed on Saturday that he was limping, dragging his tail, did not want to be around us and had stopped eating for several days. Josh picked him up last night and he seemed to be 'leaking' as if he had no control of his bladder. Josh took him to the vet this morning and the prognosis was not good, his bladder was very hard and obstructed, possibly into his kidney, so rather than possibly drawing it out and putting a lot of money into a treatment plan that was not necessarily going to work, we decided to take his pain away from him. He is much happier and no longer hurting. We will miss you Buster.

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ToTalkToReba said...

I checked your blog this morning because I KNEW you would have a tribute to Buster. Rest in peace Buster! All kitties do go to heaven! Sending my love and prayers your way!!