Saturday, December 4, 2010

Long Saturday

Buster has been absolutely horrible lately. Gus has a had a few accidents over the last several weeks and if Buster smells it, he pees and poops everywhere. When we got back from Thanksgiving last Sunday night, he had pooped and peed EVERYWHERE in the house (except of course in his litter box) over the 6 days that we were gone in Iowa. Multiple times in every room he could get into. He had even climbed on top of the microwave and pooped all over it and peed on the top of it, which then leaked into it; it had to be thrown away. I feel like I am in the year 1930 without a microwave all week (the new one was shipped Thursday so hopefully it arrives soon). So, this kennel is his new home. Even today when we let him out for awhile, when Gus had an accident, Buster within 10 minutes had pooped in four different rooms. It is disgusting. It is almost intolerable. And if Buster doesn't figure out how to cope with us pottytriaining Gus and eventually Hazel, he will be our pet no more. I am so fed up with the smell of kid pee, poop, and puke, and cat pee and poop, that I could just scream.

As Gus said when he saw this picture, "Messy gurrrrrl!"

"These. Look. So. Yummy."

Gus was upstairs alone for a few minutes and when I went to check on him, he had taken his step stool from the bathroom, moved it to the tree, and was taking down all the candy canes (that I had strategically hung just out of his reach).

Gus wearing baby Parker's booties and cap. Silly boy.

Huuuuuuuge smile!

What a funny face!

Santa was at Walmart this morning. It was your typical Walmart Santa. Sitting on 12 packs of pop. Tatoo sleeves peeking out from under a dingy white long sleeved T shirt. Regardless, Gus did really good for his first Santa experience, he loved the free candy cane and told Santa what he wanted. That's all that matters :)


Chet and Shannon said...

Hey Tracy,

I feel your pain with the pee and poop....I don't know if you still follow my blog (I went about a year w/o doing it) but Katelin was fully potty trained until our baby got here and she has completely reverted back. Also we had a cat that started peeing and pooping in our house, he had anxiety issues so we found him a home with an older lady and he's doing great! Hope it all gets better for you soon, Gus and Hazel are adorable, Hazel reminds me of Katelin when she was a baby!!!

The Dillavou Family said...

It has been challenging. Our cat is so mean that we really do not know what to do with him. I am not sure anyone else would or even could tolerate him (or he them). I am so frustrated. Good to hear from you though!

cayen said...

That picture of Gus taking the candy canes off the tree is soo funny! What a smart little man...very clever. Just when you think you've got it figured out, they get one step ahead of you!! Too cute!