Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Delay in Blogging Explained...

Part of the reason I have been behind in blogging lately is that poor little Hazel has been really ill. Hazel, Josh and I are a little sleep deprived this past week. We thought she had the chicken pox, but it turns out she has Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (I know- disgusting, right?). Three confirmed cases have come out of childwatch (the Y's daycare while I work out); so the for the two hours she was in daycare last week, somehow she contracted it. Yuck! From Friday night through Monday night she was pretty miserable; her temperature got up to to 103.2 and stayed pretty high for a few days no matter the meds we gave her, a headache, chills, vomiting, just in a terrible mood all around... And then Sunday, the little red dots came... Here is a picture of her 'elbow pits' as I call them, but her whole body is covered. They even cover the inside of her mouth- preventing her from being able to eat or drink (and if you know my Hazel, you know how she likes to eat!!!). Today they look better, and last night she finally ate a good meal, but it sure did take a lot out of my little lady! Now we brace for the other two kids getting it. Gus will be fine, should have similar symptoms as Hazel, but if Walter gets it, with that high of a temperature, we were told to bring him in.

 Trying to play, but feeling just plain miserable on Sunday.

She had to stay home with me on Saturday and missed the YMCA Easter Egg hunt. I tried to let her play outside to get a little fresh air, but it only lasted a few minutes. Poor girl.

 Daddy took Gus out for lunch on Saturday, before the Easter Egg hunt.

 Laughing Wally! "Daddy you are so funny when you make me play the piano like the pistachio YouTube kitty sensation!"

 My girl is NOT afraid of the water!

 On Saturday Lindsey and Kennedy came over to watch the kids while Josh and I looked at houses. Don't think we have found 'the one' yet, but did like many that we saw.

 Playing 'restaurant.'

 My two boys taking a nap, holding hands.

"Will you just put down that camera and hurry and get me dressed already?!"

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The Thomsons said...

Isaac had that too. They gave him some mylanta or something to coat the throat. It was only after he had that, that he was able to eat/drink for about 30 minutes. It was a horrible 48 hours. Will say a prayer for you and for your other kids to stay healthy! It is one heck of a bug to have.