Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Clear Lake

Gus with his Glasses Buddy (aka Rian) and Cade.

 A few weekends ago we went back to North Iowa for the first time with Walter. We had a lot of fun! We had a birthday party Friday night on the Dillavou side (for gma, Brea and Traci) and we were able to get our first picture of all 12 of the Dillavou Dozen together!

(L to R, Andi, Shae, Kacy (b) holding Hazel, Ty (f), Walter (being held), Brea (b), Gus (f), Rian, Josilin (b) holding Avery, Cade (f).

The girls got ahold of the the three oldest boys...

They are gonna kill me one day for taking this picture- but I may be able to use is as bribery ;)

Fingernail painting party in the basement!

This image is the reason I want to retire in Clear Lake one day. This was taken from the seawall. We visited the seawall after eating out with my parents on Saturday night to celebrate my upcoming birthday.

My adorable Hazel.

Gus and Grandma Sue looking at a fly fisherman on city beach.

It doesn't get much better than this.

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I will retire with you!!!