Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shamrocks and Shin Guards

 Josh brought home some shin guards for the kids for some impromptu soccer practice.

 On St. Patricks Day, we took the kiddos shopping, out to eat at an Irish pub, and of course, got all decked out in green.

Walter and Gus had matching T shirts!

Hazel helping with bathtime.

Hazel and I shopping this weekend.

Parker came over and played while Brandon and Josh went to the OP to watch some basketball this weekend.

Biiiiiig yawn!

 The kids were a little restless so we took them to McDonalds for some ice cream and playland. They get so cooped up in our tiny little house- especially since it has been raining the last few days and they can't go outside.

Just a normal day of small children crawling all over me.

Um, can you say the most handsome baby you've ever seen?!?!

Brotherly Love.

Earlier today- laughing at me. He is smiling all the time now. Such a cutie pie!


Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Walter's face is really filling out!! He looks like a little chunky monkey now :) I love it when they get to that stage. So much less fragile than that first tiny baby stage!!!! Gus cracked me up with his pink shirt thingy in the picture of all of you! :)

Anonymous said...

Traci, This is Ann, I bought the house from you. I have two boxes that were delivered with your name on it from Personal Creations. I cannot find another way to contact you to get them to you. Check your facebook page and I will message you my contact information. Sorry to put this on your blog...

totalktoreba said...

Ohhhh, the pic of you kissing Walter is amazing... such a treasure. Your kids are beautiful!