Friday, April 13, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

Easter morning, the Easter Bunny left candy filled eggs out in the yard for the older two kids to find!

Looks like a squirrel found one too!

Inside the house, the Easter Bunny left the two older kiddos bicycles! They must have been very good little bunnies this year...

One of the various Easter crafts we attempted last week to get the kids excited for the big weekend.

This week, since the egg hunts, Gus has wanted to go on scavenger hunts- inside, outside, everywhere. Good thing mommy can kind of draw pictures with some resemblance of the actual thing, because he can't quite 'read' his list yet.

Wally was too young to celebrate the Easter festivities, but he sure has been a cutie. He eats good (about 7 ounces a feeding, every 3-4 hours) and laughs ALL the time. Around 9-10 weeks he started sleeping through most nights, so that has been AWESOME!

We have had a nice few weeks. Our house search continues, and we have looked at many. More to come this weekend. Hazel went to her two year check up on Tuesday. She weighed 28 lbs and 10.5 ounces (75%), she is 38 inches tall (75%) and her head was 19 1/2 inches (90%). She continues to be our big growing girl! We have plans to see the Varners this weekend, and next weekend as well, to celebrate Hazels 2nd birthday and to go to a Royals game together. Loving spring- and I can hardly believe we have actually survived the last 11 weeks. Wow, life is crazy.

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totalktoreba said...

Awesome post! I love seeing your kids on adventures! And, to hear that Wally is sleeping through the night... GREAT NEWS! I have been thinking about you a lot! Best wishes!