Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day in Clear Lake

 At Bandfest. Gus Loved! the music!

Hazel Loved! catching the candy and sweets.

Andi, preparing in case it rained (luckily, it did not).

Walter had fun too; here he is right before a blow out diaper. Great timing Wally ;)

Kennedy's hotel birthday party! We swam, ate Mexican food (Ks pick), and had a fun sleep over at the hotel.

Wally didn't stay the night, but he had fun hanging out.

Restless before we went out on the pontoon.

Although Gus was too scared, Hazel was excited to ride the tube (of course, she only wanted uncle Brandon to take her).

Helping Papa drive the boat.

Just enjoying the view of Clear Lake. Kennedy had a lot of fun on the tube too. Parker tried it- Gus was too apprehensive this time... Maybe over the 4th of July he'll feel more brave.

We had a great weekend back in CL. We were able to see lots of family and friends, celebrate Ks birthday and Papa Pat's retirement, as well as visit the CL cemetary on our way out of town. Busy busy, but it was good fun all around. I have this week off, and then back to teaching next week.

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