Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Iowa Weekend

My cousin Laura was married on Saturday in Jefferson, IA. This is her daughter, and flower girl, Dakota. She and Gus was pretty good buddies at the reception!

Gus loved the gift bag he got full of toys!

Here is Gus with Steph, our newest cousin-in-law (posts from her wedding to my cousin Jason are on here from earlier this summer).

Oh- and happy birthday to Kamden! It was nice to see you and your parents, and grandparents, on Saturday morning. Hope your party was fun!

This was our last trip to Iowa for awhile, unless we decide to go home for Labor Day. It will be nice NOT to travel for a few weekends. This is also my last week off before I start teaching my SEVEN classes this fall- Yikes! Gus starts full-time daycare in September, although he still will only be there 5-6 hours each day.

This morning we met with our local Parents as Teachers representative. She came to our home to enroll us with PAT. I am very excited. Gus has his first real meeting with her next month, so I will be interested to see all the fun things we learn from her.

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ToTalkToReba said...

What is Parents as Teachers? I am very curious!! I googled it, but tell me how and why you are doing it? Keep me posted!