Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Iowa Vacation

Avery and Kacy out on the pontoon. They are really good buddies!

Trish and Andi tubing. I tubed with Kacy. I hadn't tubed in years, and it was surprisingly fun!

Rian, Avery, Kacy and Andi on McIntosh beach on Clear Lake. They collected about 200 rocks which kept them entertained for a few hours.

Us on the pontoon.

Gus in Papa D's new 'Vette. Very cool.

Cade, Gus and Andi playing in their band.

Gus was in charge of playing the maracas.

Gus taking a bath at Nama and Papa M's. Daddy made him a bath filled with so many bubbles! Gus loved it.

Andi, Kacy and Gus.

Gus and his favorite food: "naaana"

Nama P making monkey bread with Andi, Kacy and Gus. The girls had a blast tearing the dough into little balls and then covering them with brown sugar.

Parker and Gus in North Liberty at Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Brandon's home. Parker is not quite ready to hold his own against Gus, who loved to try to touch Parker's face.

Parker is getting so old! He is adorable.

Gus, Kenny and Parker.

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