Sunday, August 30, 2009

Papa and Grandma M Visited!

We took Gus to Deanna Rose Farm again, this time with Papa and Grandma. The older he gets the more and more he enjoys it there. Gus was overall fine with the goats, his usual favorite, but the little goats seemed to have gotten a bit older (and bigger) since the last time we saw them. Gus did get knocked over when two goats wanted the food he had in his hand, but he got right back up again.

Gus the caterpillar.

Feeding the goats. Surprisingly, Gus wasn't afraid of them touching his fingers when he fed them. Something about having the fence between him and the hungry little guys made Gus more confident.

Gus loves kettle corn! Papa bought some for Gus, here they are sharing a few pieces.

Naughty little Gus (just kidding!).

After the farm we went to Oklahoma Joe's BBQ for lunch. Men's Health Magazine ranked it in their June issue as one of the 13 places in the world to eat before you die. Gus's first time there and he loved it. I was going to share my smoked turkey with him, but he wanted daddy's burnt ends. Yummy!

Right before they left, Gus got in a picture with Grandma and Papa. Notice his adorable new Elmo pajamas (thanks guys- I love them!).

Thanks for coming to visit, we love you!

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