Saturday, September 5, 2009

Panthers and Monkeys

I look away for one minute and... a monkey is climbing on the computer desk! When I took this Gus didn't know I was watching him...

But once he did know that I was looking, he didn't seem scared of me. In fact, Josh and I both are having a difficult time disciplining the little guy cause he just laughs and laughs at us when we try. Oh boys.

The Panthers are still number one in our eyes!

Decked out in our panther gear for the Iowa/UNI game this morning. Although UNI lost, it was very close, and we are proud of them. And, because we are pretty big Hawkeye fans in this house as well, we were okay with the outcome. Despite the loss, didn't those Panthers look good?!?! That, you cannot deny.
On the home front, Gus is getting so smart! He can respond not only with cow and duck sounds when asked (see video a few posts back), but he knows cat, dog, bear, sheep and horse now too. We work pretty hard with him. He always knows where his head, ear, feet and belly are, and usually knows where his nose, eyes and mouth are too. I am just amazed by him sometimes. This week I have noticed that he will open a book and pretend read it, out loud, like mommy and daddy do. It is so cute.

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The Smith Family said...

Discipline is really hard. Most of the time Nicholas justs laughs at us, too. Although, I think he is beginning to grasp the concept of the naughty corner. Still, when they give you that look and laugh, it's really hard to follow through without smiling. We do anyway, but it's still tough.