Monday, September 14, 2009

Messy Boy

Gus last week, the messiest I think I have ever seen him.

Tonight before bed, when I asked Gus where his head was.

Veeeery sleepy, just before bed, laying on the landing.

When I asked him if he was ready for nite-nite, Gus started crawling up the stairs to his room.
So I must tell a great story about Gus (and how smart he is getting of course- the mommy in me can't resist)... After supper tonight, I got Gus out of his highchair and smelled a very stinky diaper, so I asked him if he was poopy. He said, "pooopoooo" and nodded (ever since we bought him a potty book last week he loves to say pooopoooo and peeeepeeee). I asked him if he needed a new diaper, he nodded and lifted up his shirt (his normal indication that he wants changed). Then I asked him to bring me a diaper, which I had never done before. Gus walked over to the diaper cupboard in the kitchen and grabbed one off the pile and brought it back to me. Then I asked him to get the wipes. He walked back over to the cupboard and got the wipes out and brought them back to me. I laid him down, amazed at how smart he is getting, and changed him. Then I handed him the dirty diaper and told him to put it in the garbage, just to see what he would do. He gave me another slow, exaggerated nod and started to walk toward the garbage can. As he got closer to it, he became more timid and kept looking back at me. He quickly and softly touched the lid and then pulled his hand back- eyes on me. Then he repeated, and looked at me again. I told him it was okay, to put it in there. He walked back to me and handed me the diaper. I said to him, "You're not supposed to touch the garbage, are you?" He shook his head no (normally he gets time out and/or a pat on the bottom or hand if he touches the garbage).
Can you believe how smart he is getting? Sorry for the long story, but I am just amazed at him sometimes. Such a big boy! I hate to jinx myself, but Gus seems to be interested in potty related issues... Maybe he won't be terribly hard to potty train??? Let's hope- cause I've heard boys are difficult.


ToTalkToReba said...

Love the Panther photo!! Very cute. It's amazing how much Gus listens... fun changes!! Let's hope potty training isn't too terrible!! :)

Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Cute!!!! It's amazing to me how much they learn so fast!!! I hope your potty training goes well too. I just said those same words the other day because I've heard boys are extra difficult too :) Kamden's been so easy with everything so far I'm hoping it continues, but bracing myself for the worst!! ha ha ha

Chet and Shannon said...

Adorable pics, my son was sooooo much easier to potty train than my oldest daughter so hopefully Gus will take to it well. I dread potty training Katelin but my oldest is such a drama queen and Katelins much more laid back so we will see.

cayen said...

That is a SUPER CUTE family pic @ the top of your page!!! And that's a great story! He is such a sweetheart!