Tuesday, September 8, 2009


To those of you who say you have never seen Gus upset- here you go. Gus screaming at mommy.

Still a very unhappy boy.

Quickly forgot his troubles as he found a fun book to read.

Happy and cute again!

Gus making a mess of his meal, as usual. Good thing we took his shirt off before supper!

We buzzed a bit of Gus's hair on Monday night. His first official haircut I suppose. It is still kinda spiky on top, but we cut off some of the fly-aways on top and took out his wings and long girly hair/mullet that was in the back. When it comes in a little thicker and more consistently all over we will get him an actual haircut from a professional.


Amanda and Scott said...

Yes, I think this was the first time I have ever seen Gus upset on this blog. Good to know other children get cranky and throw tantrums like mine :) We are thinking about cutting Preston's hair- at least the hair over his ears and maybe a little of the mullet. I might do it myself...how did you get Gus to sit still?
Missed you guys this past weekend!

Josh, Traci and Gus Dillavou said...

Josh and I took turns clipping his hair, who ever wasn't clipping was holding him on our lap and distracting him with toys, books- food would have probably worked well too :)

The Smith Family said...

Thank goodness we have boys. Free haircuts...for a while anyway.