Sunday, September 27, 2009

Girls Girls Girls

This weekend Nama and Papa D visited (and brought Avery with them); Trish and Kacy and Andi came to visit also. Here are Avery and Kacy tailgating before the Royals game on Saturday.

Gus downing his third juice box before the game. He loved them!

The kids coloring before the game.

Gus tailgating with daddy.

At the game.




That's a long way down there daddy!

Gus was overall great at the game- until, of course, you asked him to pose in a picture.

Girls girls girls. We made necklaces and bracelets this morning before everyone left.

If you look closely, you can see our first 'crayon on the wall' experience. There is a purple "Z" in my entry way now.

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Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Nice wall artwork Gus!!! :) That's cute. Looks like a nice weekend at the ball game!