Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crazy Hair Days

Telling mommy a story Tuesday night.

So I wanted to post some pictures of Gus's hair... Any ideas on what we can do with this mullet/mohawk/bald in front situation we have going on? I think we are going to buzz it in a few weeks, so that it all starts growing in even and consistently.


What started out as a tantrum, quickly became very silly!


Animal noises.


Amanda and Scott said...

What a smart little boy! His hair is least he has some now!

Lane & Rachel Smith said...

I like his fuzzy little hairs :) He looks so cute!

Lane & Rachel Smith said...

PS - I totally think I bought him that outfit...maybe?!?! Or I could be on drugs.....

Josh, Traci and Gus Dillavou said...

Yes, Rach, that outfit is from you, and we love it! He wears it all the time- thanks. You are not on drugs :)