Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baby Update

This past week I visited the doctor again. I am still measuring a few weeks ahead, but after the sonogram, we discovered that I don't have a massive giant baby in me, I just have a lot of amniotic fluid. The normal range is 5-25 cm of fluid (which seems like a large range for normal?), and I am at the top of that range with 21 cm of fluid. Good news is, baby's placenta is working well! Bad news, I have to carry around more weight and feel more pressure than many women do in the back, abdomen and pelvic regions while pregnant. But, baby is fine, and I am fine. I go back next week and every week after that for regular checkups and more dilation/effacement checks. The doctor did say, that although she doesn't feel that I'm at risk for pre-term labor, we would definitely not do anything to stop labor at this point if it starts. We have hit 35 weeks and the baby is estimated at 5 pounds (probably more like 5.5 now that is has been a week since my check-up), so baby is fine to come out if it is ready. We did learn that the baby's head is measuring about 2 weeks ahead of schedule too (not the body), so although that does not cause any medical issues at this point- it freaks out mommy who is hoping for another vaginal delivery! Ouch!

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