Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Last weekend we traveled back to Iowa for Thanksgiving. While there, I discovered my camera's battery was of course dead. So I was able to turn it on and get just one picture taken. This is one of Shae and Kacy's birthday party (oh and papa's too!).

Here I am. 32 weeks and massive. Hard to believe this baby still has 8 weeks to grow. I say this every time I am pregnant- but seriously? Can I get any bigger?

Tonight I was grading some assignments for my online class and a funny little 3 year old name Gus Henry Dillavou would not leave me alone. Here he is making funny faces and being just all around silly! I sure love this kid.

We were able to get our Christmas decor out Sunday night when we got back from Iowa, but as I said earlier, my camera was dead. I did take a few pictures with my phone and sent them to Facebook, but they were not impressive. We were all sick, ALL FOUR OF US, while back in Iowa, so that was not fun. But this week has been better for all of us.

We are heading back to Iowa for the last time this weekend (again) to celebrate Christmas, as I am getting too pregnant to travel for much longer. This will be our last trip back to Iowa as a family of four.

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