Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Doctor & A Dance Party

 Say "Cheeeeesssseee"

 Dance party in the Dillavou house tonight!

Today was another 2 week checkup for my pregnancy with new baby. I am about 33 weeks along, but am still measuring between 2-3 weeks ahead (even though I have not gained any weight in 3 weeks- surprisingly, haha!). My doctor scheduled an ultrasound at my next appointment to make sure that baby is not getting too big and/or to check on my dates.

Because I am having so many Braxton Hicks, and they are actually starting to hurt a little... and because I feel so much pressure on my pelvis already, my doctor checked my for dilation today and I am already one centimeter dilated. Not surprising for my third pregnancy, but definitely something to keep an eye on this early on. Josh reminded me today of how it took almost a day of induction with Gus just to get just one centimeter dilated- crazy! And now today, 2 months early, I am already at that point.

Baby is still head down- really far down I guess- which is why I am feeling so much pain and pressure. Not enough to make me efface- which is good this early on, but again, something to keep an eye on. So, I guess progress in happening. Doctor told me not to travel too far anymore, just to be safe- so it is a good thing we went home again last weekend and celebrated Christmas with family.

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