Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bunny Hop & Spaceships

Our backyard is full of bunnies. They are pretty used to people, which scares us a little. Wally was having fun chasing one around the yard. It was a huge rabbit and would let Walter get pretty close.

Walter was so excited to get so close- look at his face!

Hazel and Wally are pretty good buddies. They were just laying here. Wally was just laying on her. They were laughing. It was very adorable.

Nanny Ty sent me this picture last week of Walter enjoying some time outdoors.


Yesterday afternoon Hazel and Gus made spaceships, we taped paper and straws to the ships, and used stickers and markers too. They 'flew' all through space (our living room) for at least an hour. I wish I could be as easily entertained some days...

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