Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Well, I did it! My first 5K completed. I placed 10 of about 30 in my age group and sex, which feels great to me. Until about three months ago I couldn't have imagined running one mile, let alone over three! I surpassed my time goal in a very uphill race, with varied terrain, in 50 degrees, & in a pounding rain and windy thunderstorm.

I ran with 2 good friends from high school, although they ran the 10K. My friend in the middle, has lost an amazing amount of weight over the last few years by quitting smoking, eating healthy, and adding excercise to her day. The other friend Jen has also transformed her life health wise and is now a WW coach, personal trainer, and instructs boot camp and Zumba classes. These ladies are truly inspirational.

While back in Iowa we had a little early 8 years old birthday party for Kennedy.

Hazel and Rian were connected at the hip this past weekend.

Josilin and Gus braving the elements in a shelter house on Memorial Day.

Brea and Hazel

Cade loved his double s'more! 

Wally was asleep before we were out of Clear Lake. A very fun weekend.

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