Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Hazel- Update

This post is a little belated, I am trying to get caught back up from April. Hazel's birthday was April 20th.

On Hazel's actually birthday we had a little family party for her.

Gus was getting a little jealous of this whole Hazel-getting-a-birthday-party thing. Stinker.

Hazel, opening up her presents from mommy and daddy, as well as one that came in the mail from St. Louis.

Hazel opening up her presents from gma and papa Dillavou.

Waiting patiently to get her 3 year old pictures taken.

Talking to gma Paulette on the phone about her birthday.

This was the cake we had a little later that week when we hosted the joint birthday party for Hazel and Gus, since my parents were in town. Half Star Wars, half Max and Ruby... this had to be one of the most unique  birthday cake themes ever.

Hazel and Gus' big birthday present.

Walter loved the cake!

Parker at the birthday party.

Miss Hazel in her Max and Ruby t-shirt.

Gus and Kennedy.

Monday afternoon, totally and utterly exhausted. I looked at these two while I was driving home because it was oddly quiet and I was pleasantly surprised to see them sleeping. A very busy week.

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