Friday, April 3, 2015

Florida Vaca Day 1: Driving & Resort Fun

The Disney countdown was complete! 

When the kids woke up on March 13th, the day we left for Florida, Mickey Mouse had visited our house overnight and left them gifts.

It was a long, long, (did I say long?) car ride. We stopped and visited the Spratt's in St. Louis for a few hours after our first 4 hours on the road. This gave the kids a break to eat, play, take baths, and get prepared for overnight driving. Josh took a brief nap as well, since he did ALL the driving to Florida- straight through the night!

When we got to Florida around 1 pm on Saturday, we couldn't check into our house until 3 pm. We were able to use the resort pool while we waited and it was a blast! The kids were involved in various activities, moderated by a DJ, like water balloon tossing and the limbo. Josh and I had a few adult beverages and enjoyed the spring break sun.

We finally did get into the house and the kids loved the pool in the back. I loved the hot tub too.

Miss Hazel loving the warm hot tub.

Walter and Gus swimming.

Me relaxing.

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