Thursday, April 23, 2015

Florida Vaca Day 4: Magic Kingdom Part 1

Magic Kingdom, which we just happened to visit on St. Patrick's Day, was by far my favorite park, and I think the favorite for my little family. There was just so much to choose from, and the kids could all do so many things too. Especially Walter! Magic Kingdom is a little strange because you have to take a ferry or a tram to it from the parking lot. The first morning, we took the ferry and it was really cool. The kids loved it.

We got to the park early enough to see the Opening Ceremony! I had tears in my eyes. Very cool.

My favorite character was meeting the Micky inside Town Hall. He talked like Mickey, walked like Mickey, he WAS Mickey. Walter loved him- and Mickey loved that his name was Walt! Wally even gave him a little kiss.

We met Tinkerbell in Town Hall too. Hazel wore her Tink costume.

The famous castle.

Enchanted Tales with Belle was so cool! The kids all got to be involved in the story, and somehow, Gus surprised us all and volunteered- and was chosen- to be The Beast in the story!

Hazel was a frame and Walter was the salt shaker.

Belle was beautiful. (So much in fact that when he went on this tour, Parker pretty much fell in love with her!).

Belle and Gus the Beast.

Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride.


Waiting for Peter Pan's Flight.

Us gals all stayed for a princess lunch in the afternoon while the men went back to the resort for a few hours to rest. Here is a pic of gma and Hazel.

The Disney main street show was neat too.

While waiting for our Cinderalla's Table reservation, Hazel met Fairy Godmother.



Snow White.


Walter and his ice cream. If you haven't already read my blog post about this particular treat, please indulge yourself and click here.

After a long day, Josh and I decided to try and stay to watch the fireworks show after everyone else in our group went home. Walter had talked about watching them a lot, and he was the only kid to stay up late enough to watch them. We really didn't know what we were doing so we had no where to sit, no where to stand and were really far back, by the gates. But we got to see them. Although we knew we were going to come back to Magic Kingdom one more time, we weren't sure if we'd make it this late the second day. So, we tried.

The light show on the caster was so cool!

So this is where the hard part came in. All three kids fell asleep at the park. And we only had two strollers. And somehow we had to get back to the car.

We rode the ferry back to the car, but getting to the ferry was very hard. Josh had to push a stroller and carry a sleeping kid while I pushed a stroller. We had backpacks, purses, two coolers... It was not easy. As you can see, we eventually figured out a way to layer the boys. It was an adventure- a 15 hour day long adventure at this park this day alone- but we made some great memories.

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