Thursday, April 23, 2015

Florida Vaca Day 2: Animal Kingdom

Our first day at Disney World was Sunday, March 15 at Animal Kingdom. We really did not know what to expect, and this was the only day we were alone at a park (without any extended family). Luckily Animal Kingdom was just a few minutes from the house we stayed at, and parking was very easy. Unlike some of the other parks, you could park relatively close and just walk from your car to the park. 
Miss Hazel just as we entered the park, sporting her cool First Visit to Disney pin.

When we first walked in there were pink flamingos. We learned that they get their color from eating shrimp (they are actually white!).

The kids became official Wilderness Explorers and worked to earn badges as they found (like a scavenger hunt) animals, exhibits and rides around the park. This was great when we had to wait in line; the kids just pulled out their little books and marked what they had found recently. Best part- this was FREE!

A little afraid to go on his very first ride ever! Walter has the cutest fat lip face.

This ride was great. Triceratop Spin. All 5 of us were able to ride this one.

So we rode it a few times... :)

As you can see, he warmed up to the ride and wanted to do it several times.

Gus and I rode a rollercoaster! The Primeval Whirl. And... he loved it!

Don't worry, they aren't really driving.

The first of the characters we met. Goofy.

Gus and Pluto.

Gus was actually a little shy.

Walter LOVED Pluto! He actually picked out 2 Pluto souvenirs. I had no idea he liked him so much.

We loved the shows at Animal Kingdom. The Finding Nemo mini musical (a 30 minutes condensed version of the broadway show) was so neat. The kids loved it- and we sat right down in the front!

The set and costumes were surreal.

Real bubbles from the ceiling made it feel like we were really in the ocean. And they kept Wally entertained.

I took the older two on Kali River Rapids. Although Gus threw a tantrum in line since he was so worried about getting wet, he ended up getting THE MOST WET of anyone in our raft and LOVED it!

The animal safari was really cool.

We also went to Lion King show which was really fun. Walter slept through it, but the other two enjoyed.

We were able to meet MY favorite princess, Pocahontas.

They each got to pick out a hat and one souvenir (although Walter only picked out a hat- he wasn't really old enough to notice that the other two picked out a few more souvenirs each day, but that was fine). Hazel always cracked me up with her picks. We let them pick whatever they wanted so when she picked out Mickey Mouse Hands, we let her get them. She was pretty cute wearing them.

At the end of this day, Josh, Brandon, Nick and dad all went to an NBA game between the Orlando Magic and the Cleveland Cavaliers. I don't have any pictures, but they had a nice time. While they were at the game, mom, Lindsey and I played with the kids back at the house, made hot dogs for the kids and had a little swim party.

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