Thursday, April 23, 2015

Florida Vaca: Day 3 Disney Hollywoood

On Monday, March 16 we all wore the matching shirts that Josh and I had made for the family. Pretty fun!

On a last minute whim, we decided to watch the Extreme Stunt Show. Boy am I glad we did because it ended up being Wally and Gus's favorite thing they did (it was Papa and uncle Nick's favorite too!). And it was really awesome. I actually learned a lot about how cars are used in the movies and the behind-the-scenes of how stunts work.

Hazel pretty much adored her "boyfriend" AKA uncle Nick.

Mom and Nick.

Nick and dad.

We also went to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Set Adventure. Here is Gus standing beside a huge Play-Doh can.

Here is Walter inside an ant mound.

We were able to see lots of Toy Story characters, included Green Army Man. He even gave Hazel a kiss on the cheek!

While waiting in line (for at least 45 minutes) we took a few pics with the Toy Story photo opps. This is the To Infinity And Beyond pose.

And eventually we got to meet Buzz Lightyear and Woody!

Walter thought that all the characters were real. The other two knew that these were people in costumes, but even knowing that, they still seemed a little confused sometimes. But Wally always had to be touching Buzz and Woody, just to see what they felt like. It was cute.

We went to a Disney Jr. Puppet show. The kids liked it, but it wasn't as entertaining as some of the other shows we attended.

Even Phineas and Ferb were there! These two were characters were actually really funny!

Wally slept through this one, but we woke him up to see Mater and Lightning McQueen. He had been talking about seeing the Cars characters the entire trip.

Leaning against Mater.

Are these teeth real?

The kids met Donald Duck.

And Daisy Duck.

This was at the Frozen Sing-a-long Show. It was actually pretty funny too, the narrators cracked jokes the whole time. Hazel enjoyed it. I sat up front with her, and then grandma, papa, Nick, Walter, Gus and Josh sat together a little farther back. Hazel and I actually left the stunt show a little early to be sure we could get a seat. 

The last ride we did this day was Toy Story Mania, a carnival like shooting game. It was really fun because we could all do this too. And it was actually enjoyable for all ages. Some of the rides Walter was just too short for, so usually Josh would go take him to do something else. He loved when he got to go with the whole group. For this ride all 12 of us were able to go at the same time!

We left the park and went back to the house to grill. The Varners stayed a little longer at the park (they had left during the day so they were more refreshed) but eventually made it back to the house later that night.

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